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Cloud server rental 1c Enterprise.

We offer once and for all to solve the problem of accounting and management accounting. For a low subscription fee you get a full-fledged virtual server with installed and configured for the needs of the company program 1C-Enterprise. Round-the-clock access to the program from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud 1C is a ready-to-use SaaS-service based on the program 1C-Enterprise 8.3 or BaS Accounting, which includes all the necessary licenses from Microsoft and 1C, computing power, backup and maintenance of the platform. It is completely ready to use, does not require additional licenses, deployment and maintenance. Payment for the cloud SaaS service is made according to the number of users. Each month, their number can be changed both upwards and downwards.

The server is accessed through an RDP client. This allows you to conveniently work in 1C, use MS Office, save and share office documents in the folders “My Documents” and “General Documents”, view PDF files, use the archiver. Creating backup copies of 1C databases in sufficient volume. Mail programs, access to mail via 1C – allowed.

The main advantages of 1C in the cloud

  • Placement of all 1C databases on SQL Server and fast SSD disks;
  • Work via the Internet with the help of:

– standard thick client 1C (via RDP RemoteApp);
– thin client (installed on the customer’s PC);
– web client (works in the browser);

  • Full access to 1C Configurator, the ability to change configurations and conduct development;
  • Ability to load your 1C databases and configurations;
  • Free subscription to the Internet version of ITS;
  • Backing up databases 4 times a day, storing copies for 30 days;
  • High reliability, clustering of all servers and services, protection against equipment failure;
  • Financial guarantee of uninterrupted operation of cloud service 99.9%;
  • The first month of 1C hosting is free.

1C-Enterprise through a web browser

To get started, you do not need to install 1C on the user’s computer. It is enough to just launch your browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari), enter the address of the web server on which the infobase is published, and the web client itself will “come” to your computer and work will begin with 1C .

The main advantages of 1C in the browser

A valuable advantage of accessing 1C via a web browser is the lack of need for a fast Internet connection. Such organization of access to the database does not require the installation of any software on the client’s computers, an integrated browser is now available on almost any mobile device. It is enough to know the address of the resource, enter the login and password.

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