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IaaS - virtual server rental

Cloud Infrastructure or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) helps businesses realize their benefits and efficiency through cloud computing. This is an opportunity to “rent” computer capacities from suppliers. This allows you to take a real repository of information outside your office, leaving the necessary access to authorized persons.

One of the important advantages of cloud technology is its flexibility. In the cloud, you can place both the application and the platform, or the whole it-infrastructure. There is no need to invest in your own it-infrastructure, its maintenance and service.

Businesses do not need to withdraw large amounts from circulation for the purchase of it-systems. The customer receives a hardware-software solution that already provides a fault-tolerant it-infrastructure without acquiring its own equipment and software.

As part of the service, the client is provided with server equipment, a comprehensive visualization environment, and DYIT specialists are responsible for creating it-systems and subsequent maintenance. At the same time, the equipment can be placed both on the territory of the customer and in DYIT partner data centers.

An IT infrastructure is a collection of programs for exchanging confidential messages, corporate mail, collaboration services, security programs, an accounting and analysis platform (for example, 1C), etc.

Modern cloud technologies allow you to deploy your entire infrastructure on a remote server. Separately, the following advantages can be distinguished:

    • Economy – you do not have to purchase additional and expensive equipment, spend money and time on its maintenance and configuration.
    • Reliability – you will not depend on the equipment in your office, from power surges, from unexpected checks and technical failures. The cloud service provider company uses the most modern and powerful equipment, highly qualified staff of round-the-clock technical support, which is simply not affordable for small enterprises.
    • Simplicity – for ordinary employees, familiar applications and platforms will work in the same way, or even better. IT infrastructure in the cloud does not require additional staff training.
    • Convenience – you and your staff will be able to use all services, work both in the office and at home, on vacation, business trip, etc.
    • Security – in addition to internal security services, each large company that supplies cloud storage has its own security center, which can analyze and prevent risks in a timely manner and report on possible vulnerabilities in your system.

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