IT monitoring


Proactive monitoring of the state of IT infrastructure

DYIT provides services for the implementation of a system of proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure with the help of software solutions “IT System Monitor”, well-established in a wide range of enterprises and organizations. “IT System Monitor” after implementation can be easily operated by your technical staff or be outsourced to another it-organization.

“IT System Monitor” is based on Zabbix – software for monitoring numerous network parameters and the status and performance of servers. Zabbix uses a flexible notification mechanism that allows users to set up email alerts for virtually any event.

Allows you to respond quickly to server problems. Zabbix offers excellent reporting and data visualization capabilities based on the data collected. Which makes Zabbix the perfect tool for planning and scaling.

Zabbix supports data polling (puller) and data retrieval (trapper). All Zabbix reports and statistics and settings are available through the web interface. The web interface ensures that the state of your network and the performance of your servers can be assessed from anywhere. A well-configured Zabbix plays an important role in monitoring the IT infrastructure.

This is important for both small, multi-server organizations and large, multi-server companies. Zabbix is ​​free. Zabbix is ​​written and distributed under the GPL General Public License version 2. Its source code is freely distributed and available to the general public.

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