Remote desktop rental

Saves your time and money


DYIT RDP Remote desktop

• Virtual desktop – a guarantee of uninterrupted operation and high connection speed.

• Forget about copying files to a flash drive – the latest versions of files are always at hand.

• You can work on the remote desktop from computers running systems – Mac OS, Windows and Linux, as well as tablets and mobile devices. The power of your computer does not matter at all.

• You reduce the cost of servers, IT services, expensive software licenses and software.

• A virtual server hosted on our SSDs will run several times faster than many dedicated physical servers offered in the hosting market.

• No need to program or install anything – Remote Desktop is completely ready for you to start using today.

• Secure storage of your information – even if your computer is lost or in the hands of third parties, all your data will remain intact, and you will still have access to it.

• Data encryption. We will ensure the protection and complete confidentiality of your information.

• Working on a remote desktop does not require any special knowledge and skills.

What is a "rdp"?

The service “Virtual workplace”, as well as “virtual”, remote desktop, “remote” – access to a virtual computer for a subscription fee. An office suite is installed on the virtual machine. To connect to a virtual machine, you will need an Internet connection, a computer with minimal characteristics, a tablet or a mobile phone. You can work from anywhere with the Internet. You start working with a program or document on an office computer, continue on the tablet on the go and send the result to colleagues from your smartphone. For a group of users, employees work together with programs and documents.

How it works

A virtual machine uses some of the resources of a powerful server in the Data Center. The virtual machine has the operating system Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF viewer, archiver, convenient for you email client and other necessary office applications.

When virtual jobs may be needed:

• You have information that cannot be lost

• You work from different places, often on the road

• High speed – requires speed and minimal downtime

• You want to avoid the risks associated with seizing equipment.

You can connect services and programs in one place and not put them on all computers – iCloud, Yandex Disk, Outlook, Telegram, Bank clients and other environments.

The “virtual workplace” service allows you to continue working on other equipment from the place where you stopped.

Public authorities may send a request to the Data Center for data. The data center will send a request to the service provider. A long bureaucratic process will give you time to resolve the situation.

How much is a virtual workplace costs

The cost of a virtual workstation for one user is 50 USD. / Month. The cost includes information maintenance (ITO), taking into account the resources used – RAM, CPU and hard disk space. Usually from 5 users our company offers a separate server, which is more convenient than individual workstations. A virtual workstation uses server resources in the Data Center, so the power of your computer does not matter. You can avoid buying a new expensive computer. At the cost of a virtual workplace, a new computer will pay off in 2-3 years and during this time will most likely have time to lose its relevance.

How is the connection and work.

After agreeing on all the details and wishes, you receive information for connecting a VPN connection (our specialists will configure the connection if necessary) and a username, password and address to access the virtual workstation. They will help you to transfer information and individually configure a virtual workplace.

You can connect to a virtual workstation using the built-in Remote Desktop program from any Windows computer. For MacOS, Android and iOS, there is a “Remote Desktop” application from Microsoft. The service has the ability to share access rights to files and folders when working together, quickly create new users and block outdated ones.

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